About Us

ESKADENIA Software has, throughout the years, worked with businesses of all sizes to help them boost their position as leaders in their industries. We have successfully supported various enterprises in automating processes, and provided them tools to foster company efficiency and growth. The success of our clients reflects on us as a team and motivates us to continue creating world-class software products and services.

ESKADENIA embarked since its inception into the healthcare sector by developing a very advanced Medical Insurance System to provide innovative management of medical insurance transactions in an efficient and comprehensive manner. The Medical Insurance System has also an advanced Mobile Application to bring new opportunities to the Health Insurance Industry by facilitating access for the clients to get information related to insurance coverage rates, medical network providers and contact information.

ESKADENIA extends now its presence in the health care sector by providing health providers with tools to automate their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Medical Practice Management through the Carenet System which is an Internet web-based business solution that operates through the ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model or can alternatively be deployed at Medical Clinics with a backup on the Internet for added security.

The Carenet Software is designed with particular focus on data and system access security to protect sensitive information stored in the system and only allow authorized users’ access.