About Carenet – Doctor’s Portal

ESKA® Carenet is an integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Medical Practice Management System, designed for the health sector and provided either as a web-based business solution that is accessed by any Internet enabled device through the ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model or direct deployment at the health providers’ premises.

The software simplifies the management of medical practice in a user friendly manner and empowers doctors by providing secure access from any Internet enabled laptop or tablet to effectively address clinical, financial, and administrative needs.
Carenet is designed to make medical practices management easier for the doctors and save the patients records and make them available at any time to the authorized health staff. The Carenet software tries to comprehensively provide doctors with a unified user friendly interface to simplify the major demands from patient admission-to-discharge;
  • Enhance patients’ experience through an organized & clear process.
  • Improve financial management & financial performance.
  • Simplify the workload through simplified administrative operations.
Carenet operates with a mission, to enhance and build long-term relations between medical providers and seekers for an improved doctors-patients interaction. Carenet provides many features starting from appointments management, health case management, billing automation, claims management, communications tools, and ongoing notifications.